azitromicin order.$499/hr

Expert Consultation

In the Expert Consultation service, one of air max 270 noir our Johns Hopkins trained subspecialist Radiologists will review medical images and produce a detailed report.

Premium Consultation

In the Premium Consultation service, one of our Johns Hopkins trained subspecialist Radiologists will review multiple imaging studies (MRI from 2014, as well as xrays and CT and MRI from 2013) and produce a detailed report. This air max 270 noir approach assures that all relevant medical images have been carefully reviewed and provides critical causation assessments based on comparison studies.

Panel Review

In the Panel Review, two or more Johns Hopkins trained subspecialty Radiologists (example: 3 expert Neuroradiologists) interpret the imaging study (or multiple studies for comparison purposes) and provide blinded or unblinded analysis.

Phone / Video Consultation

Phone or video consultation between the expert physician and the attorney is available as an additional option. Following the initial Expert/Premium Consultation, air max 270 noir additional time with the expert physician consultant will be assessed in $499/hr increments.

Additional Surgical Consultation (to be combined with above services, if needed)

In the Additional Surgical Consultation service, one of our partnered expert orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgical associates will review the medical images, history, or other relevant information to provide their expertise from the surgical side. This service will include all communication between the radiologist and the surgeon when needed.


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Important: All sales are final. There is no refund, exchange or cancellation after sale is completed.

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