Who is a Radiologist?

Radiology continues to be at the technological forefront of modern healthcare, attracting the best and the brightest medical students in the United States who complete a minimum of 6 years of residency and fellowship training after 4 years of medical school. Radiologists are highly-trained physicians that provide imaging-based diagnoses.

Subspecialty radiologists complete additional training to become experts in a particular area (brain and spine imaging, orthopedic imaging, pediatric imaging, etc.), offering the most thorough and accurate interpretations available. Interventional radiologists are subspecialists that provide minimally invasive, image-guided treatments for patients as alternatives to major surgery.

Diagnosis in modern medicine often starts with medical imaging. In medical institutions throughout the world, many imaging interpretations are performed by clinicians who are not trained or certified as specialists, or radiologists who have not completed a fellowship in the subspecialty of interest (such as brain MRI). The current practice is that patients cannot select who reads their studies, and never have the opportunity to discuss the entirety of their report with an imaging expert.

We believe that patients deserve better.


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