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Diagnosis in modern medicine often starts with medical imaging. However, in medical institutions throughout the world, many imaging interpretations are performed by clinicians who are not trained or certified as specialists, or radiologists who have not completed a fellowship in the subspecialty of interest (such as brain MRI). The current practice is that patients cannot select who interprets their studies, and never have the opportunity to discuss the entirety of their report with an imaging expert.

We believe that patients deserve better.

Radiology Response is a new kind of medicine.

At Radiology Response, we empower patients by providing them with the opportunity to receive an expert subspecialty second opinion complete with annotated images that are helpful both to the patient and their local clinician. This service allows patients to stay at home, with their families, friends, and doctors that know them. Patients receive not just a radiology report, but the best patient-oriented expert imaging consultation available. We also offer a direct video consultation with a board-certified radiologist who will counsel concerns and educate patients and clinicians on the study and findings in the context of the medical history. Our service also provides consultation with the patient’s physician, which is often lacking in the typical practice and may otherwise lead to miscommunication and errors. Patients will avoid expensive travel and lodging, not to mention the potential financial and health implications of an imaging misinterpretation that could lead to unnecessary surgery or delayed diagnosis.

Our physicians are board-certified radiologists who are subspecialty-trained graduates of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, America’s #1 medical institution for over 20 years as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. To provide this customized service, every radiologist has completed a dedicated fellowship to become an expert in a specific field of radiology.

We are passionate about patient-centered care, and believe that putting patients in full control of their medical data is the future of medicine. We offer an unsurpassed level of personalized service and continuity. Our innovative technology allows any type of imaging study to be securely uploaded from a personal computer. Patients can avoid the headache and expense of travel and shipping images by using our intuitive platform through a few mouse clicks from any computer. Our novel software finds and uploads the medical images for the users; making the image sharing process seamless.

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