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Deb B.

There is no adequate way we can thank you for all you’ve done this past year – you were a true and honest light in the darkness.

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Barb H.

Thanks again ….. for your explanation after reading his scans.  That’s the most explanation we have received from anyone.  It helps us understand as we wait for him to recover.

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Our Services

Second Opinion Services

Second opinions save lives. Our second opinion services provide you with an independent review by an expert Johns Hopkins-trained radiologists. You will receive a full review of your medical images in language that is easy to understand and which you can discuss with your personal doctor.

Concierge Diagnostic Radiology

Radiology Response offers a new level of diagnostic support for concierge medical practices. Our exclusive concierge diagnostic radiology service is designed to allow you to provide your patients with the elite level of diagnostic services they deserve, while reducing the work associated with translating medically-oriented radiology reports to patients. We offer in-phone consultations with your patients.

Global Concierge Diagnostic Radiology

Our global concierge diagnostic service ensures that you get the most and best information possible from your medical images, wherever you are. Translations of reports into your native language can be provided at an additional charge.

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Get Started

  To get a remote consultation, please go to the Get a Consult page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Here’s how it works:

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Our Doctors

Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell

Areas of expertise: Brain, spine and central nervous system imaging, Body imaging

  • Medical School: Johns Hopkins
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins


Christina Cinelli

Areas of expertise: Breast imaging, Women’s imaging, Cancer imaging, MRI, Breast MRI, Tomosynthesis

  • Medical School: Brown University
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: Brigham & Women’s Hospital


Cindy Lee

Areas of expertise: Breast imaging, Women’s imaging, Cancer imaging, MRI, Breast MRI, Tomosynthesis

  • Medical School: State University of New York Stony Brook
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: University of California San Francisco

David Chien

David Chien

Areas of expertise: Areas of expertise: Cancer imaging, Body imaging, Nuclear imaging, PET imaging

  • Medical School: University of California Davis
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins


George Kuo

Areas of expertise: Brain, spine and central nervous system imaging, Musculoskeletal imaging, Body imaging

  • Medical School: Johns Hopkins
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins

Carl Miller

Carl Miller

Areas of expertise: Cardiovascular imaging, Cancer imaging, Body imaging, Image guided procedures

  • Medical School: University of Michigan
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins

Hari Reddy

Hari Reddy

Areas of expertise: Brain, spine and central nervous system imaging, Body imaging, Cancer imaging

  • Medical School: Northeastern Ohio Universities
  • Specialty training: Ohio State University
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins

Ty Subhawong

Ty Subhawong

Areas of expertise: Musculoskeletal imaging, Cancer imaging, Body imaging

  • Medical School: Vanderbilt University
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins

Stephen Chang

Stephen Chang

Areas of expertise: Breast imaging, Women’s imaging, Cancer imaging, MRI

  • Medical School: Johns Hopkins
  • Specialty training: Columbia University Medical Center
  • Subspecialty training: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Yonker Wang

Areas of expertise: Pediatric imaging, Musculoskeletal imaging, Brain imaging

  • Medical School: Harbin Medical University
  • Specialty training: St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins


Ashkan Malayeri

Areas of expertise: Abdominal and Pelvic imaging, Musculoskeletal imaging. Cardiac / vascular imaging

  • Medical School: Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins


J. Dana Dunleavy

Areas of expertise: Cardiovascular imaging, Cancer imaging, Breast imaging, Body imaging, Image-guided procedures

  • Medical School: University of Vermont
  • Specialty training: Johns Hopkins
  • Subspecialty training: Johns Hopkins

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